About "Wookey" - by Rob Gould (2003)

Gouldís keyboard melodies are subtle and sensuous, dark, mysterious, and frequently quite beautiful.
itís pretty, itís moody, and it sounds really cool through headphones!

Van Bergen - US Speleology Magazine

an interesting soundtrack by a good composer, with beautiful melancholic melodies
Paul Rijkens - iO pages

sit back to the sound of a subtle pulsing beat and the quiet, gentle rhythms of the dark. Canít go wrong!
Chris Howes - Descent magazine

best heard on headphones in the dark, synth and electronic fans will love it
Dave Kennedy - Rockin' the Boat

track listing
1.the sunken sea 2.enter darkness 3.the witch of Wookey Hole 4.divers theme
5.Mossy 6.the great escape 7.into the dark 8.the great hall
9.hells ladder 10.divers theme reprise 11.the spacemen 12.the way forward
13.wilderness 14.creepy fungus 15.beneath the Axe 16.the long walk
17.dreams 18.a new realm 19.the long wait 20.the lake of gloom 21.alone

Rob Gould's 2003 album "Wookey" is the soundtrack to another of Gavin Newman's incredible adventure documentaries called Wookey Exposed. It tracks the history and atmosphere of one of Britain's premiere showcaves and documents the first ever filmed journey into the underwater worlds of uncharted, flooded chambers.

The main body of the Wookey album (the film score itself) was recorded digitally at Robs home studio in Buxton, UK in April 2003. Additional recordings were done over the following three weeks after which the completed work was taken to Jason Gilman's where his legendary guitar parts were added in early May. The 21 track album also features contributions from talented vocalist Fiona Ford.

The Wookey cd is currently available from this website.

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