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Fungoid - Rob Gould (2019)

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track listing

1.Fungi Amongi (On Mushroom Hill) 26.14
2.Freaky Fungus From The Cog Coda 3.05
3.Dance Of The Mushrooms 5.31
4.Mycology 4.48
5.Fungoid (Return To Mushroom Hill) 14.35

Now, just between you and me mind, Mr Gould is of that rare breed, a free-spirited sonic alchemist navigating and cross pollinating the sound strata’s and spectrums much like a busying bee around a well-stocked garden.
Here with five such cuts, the stand out of which, surely must be the opening ‘Fungi Amongi (On Mushroom Hill)’ an immensely absorbing 26-minute head trip
which across its flowering manages to seamlessly shape shift from a warming up point that imagines some Gabriel fronted Genesis variant retooling the Elektra classic ‘Cosmic Sounds’,
a wonderfully pastoral dappled head shroomer graced in cosmic drifts and mind expanding hallucinogens whose purring pulse lights and subtle kosmische dub drapes
morph with a sleight of hand ease to incorporate all manner of deeply immersive and airless orbital flotillas peppered with angel sighs and snoozing lunar murmurs. Utterly trippy, faraway and out there.
That said we’ve also a soft spot for ‘Dance of the Mushrooms’ a quirky little giddy up lightly fashioned in some seriously kooky Riley like trimmings whiffing of 70’s threads and wandering the cosmica,
add in some fried progressive riffola for maximum fringe freakery.

Mark Barton - The Sunday Experience - September 1st 2019

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