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Zeitmeister - Rob Gould (2021)

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track listing

1.Zeit (4.08)
2.Sebastien Le Bastion (4.45)
3.Looking For Sebastien (4.51)
4.Message To Mars (4.41)
5.Tierra De Terror (3.34)
6.Indigo In Space In Indigo (4.03)
7.Hannah From Valhalla (5.50)
8.De Zeitmeister (4.03)
9.As Much As I Like You (5.27)
10. The Zeitmeister (4.03)

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February 2021, while immersed in the writing and recording of the 2nd Sector NINE album, I was approached by Keith Jones of Fruits De Mer Records, for whom I have submitted tracks for over recent years
the most recent being a Krautrock covers triple vinyl compilation called 'Head Music 2' the track I entered for this comp' was a cover of the leftfield Krautrock-esque Swiss band 'Brainticket's 'One Morning'.
Keith asked all featured artistes on the album to submit a self-penned track in a similar style for a follow-up cd compilation to be released later in 2021 hence the track 'Zeit' (meaning 'Time') was swiftly born.
Having enjoyed very much the process of creating Zeit, and with all keyboard parts submitted to Sector NINE, I decided to write a collection of songs in a similar vein, incorporating language from across Europe,
with a nod and a doffing of the cap to Berliner Bowie, early Yello and further back to the Krautrock movement of the early 1970s.
As the tracks progressed , a narrative emerged with the story of a character Sebastien - , a hero sent to the corners of time (if time has corners!) and the far reaches of our solar system
(but with a curious draw to the planet Mars) to re-set (in-motion) time itself. Adventures unfolded with Sebastien meeting other characters on the way such as Hannah (From Valhalla) and The Zeitmeister (Time-Master) himself.

It's available on a 10 song cd from this website
also available digitally from bandcamp.
and for those who spotify, i-tune, deezer or amazon it is available to stream or download from those usual sites.
AND there are 7 new videos on youtube relating to 'Zeitmeister' tracks links to all these can be found via the Rob Gould website.

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